Payne Trucking was founded in 1971 in Brandy, Virginia by Daniel E. Payne. The small dump truck company grew steadily, enjoying the boost that came with the industry deregulation of the 1970s and the timely decision to add a van division to the business. This continued expansion soon included a successful brokerage division and a small storage division. It also necessitated the need for a larger facility and the subsequent move to Fredericksburg, Virginia in 1991.

For the past forty-five years, Payne Trucking has built a reputation as one of the leading bulk haulers in the eastern United States. Employing the latest technology to dispatch loads and rapidly adapt pricing structures in a changing economy, the team at Payne Trucking is prepared for 21st century challenges. The company’s reputation of superior customer service, competitive pricing and exceptional dependability is enhanced by its unique ability to adapt to the changing needs of the marketplace.

In the past, when Payne Trucking recognized that its bulk users required storage solutions, it launched a successful container and trailer leasing division. In addition, when customers who already enjoyed the benefits of Payne’s service needed van trailer and dump trailer service, the company reinstated its van division in 2016. Thus, whether its customers require storage containers, trailers, bulk hauling or van services, Payne Trucking takes pride in its ability to meet their needs.

Payne Trucking hauls a multitude of commodities, including lime, sand, non-hazardous waste, aggregates, gravel, salt, mulch, recyclables, automotive fluff and ash. Payne Trucking operates a growing fleet of over one hundred thirty late model dump trucks and trailers as well as the contracted services of over one hundred additional units daily. The company’s corporate headquarters is located adjacent to the I-95 corridor near Fredericksburg, Virginia. Its second location is in Baltimore, Maryland.

Payne Trucking is a family-owned and operated company with a service area that extends from Florida into Canada and westward.

Payne Trucking, Fredericksburg, Virginia